Healthcare Leadership Course Modules

Module Name Foundations of Leadership Transformational Leadership Advanced Leadership Fellowship

Expected course
objectives *

*objectives will be
finalized based on
module 1 feedback
and participation.

  • Uncover your personal leadership strengths
  • Develop an understanding of the demands and challenges of leadership
  • Explore the role of leaders and your own approach to leading
  • Identify practical next steps in your ongoing leadership journey
  • Deliver results for your organization through more effective personal leadership
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your unique leadership challenge through diverse organizational
  • Gain insight into your personal leadership style,
    strengths, and possible
    areas for development
  • Reflect on resources and opportunities to advance your capacity for decisionmaking and action 
  • Increase your capacity to create and communicate a plan for achieving powerful results
  • Apply strategic thinking to anticipate and solve problems before they happen
  • Employ the tools and processes of strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and implementation
  • Engage in the critical art of persuasion with key stakeholders
  • Cultivate a healthy, high-performing organizational culture
  • Identify and Tackle a current change challenge from your work
  • Clarify and define what is needed to increase the likelihood of achieving that result
  • Develop and implement a solution
  • Evaluate and disseminate the results.